Aquae Maltae

Aquae Maltae - Brasserie de Provence


Aquae Maltae is a craft beer brewed in Aix-en-Provence by the “artist-brewers”.


Since their very childhood, the team members have been cradled by Provençal terroir and culture. They enjoy combining malts and hops to create beers designed for Provence and even, at time, dare to add thyme, rosemary or lavender honey. Artisanal by nature, Aquae Maltae presents a large range of beers in order to propose 15 to 20 recipes any time of the year. They are all different, but always organic.

Do you need more incentive? Every 75cl bottle is returnable as a way to involve the consumer in an environmentally friendly virtuous circle!

On-site you can discover the brewery, the bar and a shop offering beers produced on the spot, as well as delicious locally-produced food (vegetables, bread, pastas, flour or all kinds of salty spreads, etc.).

As a place of conviviality and knowledge sharing, the brewery offers guided tours, beer tastings, afterwork parties, musical events, game nights and often invite local food-trucks.

The guided tours (every Saturday) will take you on a 1:30 hour-journey through a history of beer and a discovery of beer making processes.

Last but not least, Aquae Maltae also offers a beer tap renting service for all your private and public events (weddings, birthdays, festivals, bonfires, spiritual retreats, etc.).


Découverte de la brasserie Aquae Maltae

La Brasserie de Provence imagine et fabrique les bières Aquae Maltae. Ces bières sont artisanales, bio et créées dans une logique de respect de l’environnement (énergie verte, process zéro-déchet, collaboration avec des producteurs locaux) Notre offre « Découverte de la brasserie Aquae Maltae » comprend les éléments suivants pour 2 personnes : - Présentation de la brasserie. - Visite de la brasserie et de l’atelier de production accompagnés par l’un de nos artistes-brasseurs. - Découverte des process de brassage. - Dégustation des diverses bières Aquae Maltae. - 2 pintes de bière Aquae Maltae (1 par personne). - 1 assiette dégustation produits du terroir local.

Bières Aquae Maltae

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Aquae Maltae - Brasserie de Provence
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