Confiserie Léonard Parli

Confiserie Léonard Parli - La Grande Fabrique

PriceFree entry.

The venerable House Parli, whose magnificent building is heritage listed Aix adds to the flavor of its products, the elegance of his shop.

The manufacture of Calissons has been run by the same family since 1874 and its know-how passed from generation to generation. The secret formula has been respected throughout.

Our company is famous for the quality of its high level confectionery, in particular the Calissons d'Aix as well as the crystallised fruit, the nougat, the Pralines, Biscotins and chocolates.

Guided tour duration: minimum 30 minutes.
Fisrt tour at 9am, the last one at 3pm.
Comments in French, English, Spanish and other languages on request.
Price: 5 euros


Visite de la Nouvelle Grande Fabrique Léonard Parli

Visiter la Nouvelle Grande Fabrique Léonard Parli, c'est aller à la rencontre des femmes et des hommes qui perpétuent ce savoir-faire Parli. Vous pourrez observer et comprendre à travers leurs gestes précis, et nos machines traditionnelles, la fierté qu'ils partagent de participer au maintien de ce patrimoine gastronomique aixois.

Melon confit pour calisson

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Confiserie Léonard Parli - La Grande Fabrique
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