Les Ursulines - Fabrique de Bière de Crémieu
Brasserie des Ursulines

Les Ursulines - The Crémieu brewery


The Ursulines welcome you to their 17th century former convent, where we brew our beers. The guided tour at 5:00pm will introduce you to our production methods. Tasting, sales, guided tours and entertainment.

PriceFree access. You only pay for what you drink and to purchase bottles.
Guided tours for groups: payable, booking required.

If beer was spiritual, it would find its expression in a glass at The Ursulines...
The Ursulines brewery is first and foremost a showcase: the old church of the Ursuline convent, located in the heart of the medieval city of Crémieu; beautiful stones to make beautiful beers. On a daily basis, surrounded by these old walls, we brew beers with character, expression. Concentrating on the quality of the raw materials, we take particular care in the brewing process. Our beers are triples, which are matured for a long time and undergo the famous refermentation in bottle, for more elegance. The result is rich, refreshing and aromatic beer. Throughout the seasons, our beers move with times: light white when it's hot, the unusual Médiévale during the Crémieu medieval festivals, the powerful brown ae in winter, the tasty Noël for the holidays and the aromatic Printemps to celebrate the return of fine days.
A guided tour at 5:00pm allows you to enter into the secrets of our brewery.
Events and concerts enhance the friendly and warm side.
Tasting, sales, guided tours and entertainment.

Dispositions spéciales COVID 19

Vos bières livrées à votre domicile gratuitement directement à votre domicile dans un rayon de 20 km environ autour de la brasserie pour un montant de commande supérieur à 29 €. Formule apéro en livraison ou à venir chercher : 2 saucissons ou 3 x 85g de caviar d'aubergine + 6x75 cl au choix = 39 € !! La brasserie vend des bouteilles du mardi au vendredi de 15h à 19h et samedi 1de 0h à 12h30 et de 15h à 19h
Blonde, Dorée, Ambrée, Médiévale, I.P.A., Blonde Vicat et brune sont disponibles. Vous pouvez mélanger les bières selon vos envies.

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Les Ursulines - The Crémieu brewery
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