Maison Manguin

Maison Manguin - Artisanal distillery


Barthelasse Island lies between the Palace of the Popes and the Tower of King Philip the Fair, the other end, in the 14th century, of the 21 arches of the famous Pont d'Avignon. Barthelasse Island is the biggest river island in Europen and has great soil of sand and silt, very conducive to growing outstanding fruit.


And it is on Barthelasse Island that in the 1940's, Claude Manguin, a skilled agronomist, planted and cultivated several dozen hectares of pear trees and peach trees, growing fruit that he sold to fine grocers, including the famous FAUCHON.

In 1957, stills from Charentes begain to distill these fruits and 'La Poire Manguin' was to become a legendary eau de vie served at the best tables in France and abroad.

In 2011, Béatrice and Emmanuel Hanquiez became athe new owners, and driven by their passion for the quintessential, they perpetuate the firm's longstanding savoir-faire and create outstanding spirits. They now have a range of distilled olive products, including Oli Gin, gin à l'olive.

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Maison Manguin - Artisanal distillery
784, chemin des Poiriers Ile de la Barthelasse, 84000 Avignon
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