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Les gourmandises de Dijon : parcours étoilé


Private visit and tasting and meeting with the main renowned producers of the capital of the Dukes of Burgundy


Wander through the narrow streets of Dijon for a multi-sensory experience

A gastronomic journey awaits you in the Capital of the Dukes of Burgundy. Come and discover the renowned producers who have made Dijon's gastronomic and wine-making specialties. Mulot & Petitjean, blackcurrant and Dijon mustard... are waiting for you to live an experience that will awaken your senses. To finish your Dijon tour, you will climb to the top of the 46m high Philippe le Bon Tower in the heart of the Dukes of Burgundy Palace for a wine tasting.
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35€ (99€ with gourmet lunch option)

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Les gourmandises de Dijon : parcours étoilé
21000 DIJON
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The former Duchy of Burgundy has retained its status as capital forever. Its historical heritage and economic assets have made it a shining cultural city and a remarkable gastronomy and wine centre.

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