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Compose your own cuvee


Become winemaker for a day : taste separately different grape varieties with our winemaker and discover the art of blending to compose your own cuvee ! Personnalize your bottle of wine from the grape selection to the the corkage and label, and taste it back home !

From the blending to the packaging, you will taste and identify the grape varieties that will make up your cuvée, personalising right up to the label.
Reception by the oenologist.
Côtes du Rhône wines appellations and grape varieties presentation; blending role explanations.
Commented tasting on the different grape varieties: their characteristics, aromatic ranges, colours, textures. To identify them correctly and compose your ideal cuvée.
Then the cuvée personalisation: a name, a label, a cork and a capsule so that everyone leaves with a bottle of their cuvée.

Blending Workshop: creation of a custom cuvée

From blending to bottle design, you'll taste and identify the grape varieties that will make up your vintage, and then customise your cuvée all the way to the label. Participants are welcomed by the oenologist. Presentation of the appellations and grape varieties of Côtes du Rhone wine; explanation of the role of blending. Guided wine tasting of different varietals: their characteristics, aromatic ranges, colours and textures. To better identify them and create your perfect cuvée. Then, personalising the vintage: a name, a label, a cork and a cap, so that everyone goes home with a bottle of their cuvée.
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Adult: 156 €.

opening dateLe 25/06/2022
HoursSaturday 14 May 2022 between 9.30 am and 12 pm. Saturday 25 June 2022 between 9.30 am and 12 pm.

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Compose your own cuvee
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