Huilerie Richard
Huilerie Richard

Huilerie Richard


A traditional non industrial plant oil factory located in La Drôme (south of France). Visiting mill, sample tasting at our oil bar, retail sale of olive oil Nyons AOP, Nîmes AOP, gastronomic oils, local shop oil based cosmetics products…

PriceFrom 01/01 to 31/12/2021
Adult: 2 €
Child: 1.50 €.

From 01/01 to 31/12/2022
Adult: 2 €
Child: 1.50 €.

Group rate available for > 10 people.

L’Huilerie Richard has been a family of mill manufacturers and peddlers from father to son for 5 generations. It was in 1885, in Mollans sur Ouvèze in La Drôme that l’Huilerie Richard was born.
My great-grandfather, Henry Richard, made his olive oil in his mill and then, with the help of his cart and his mule, he went to sell his olive oil, olive and soap production from farm to farm by peddling.

Today, the tradition of peddling, local olive oil production and olive oil blending is perpetuated in my beautiful country: La Drôme. In the north, in Montoison, we produce walnut oil, hazelnut oil and rapeseed oil. In the south, in Nyons, we produce olive oil Nyons A.O.P. Please come visit our mills.

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Huilerie Richard
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