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Day 5

Wine tasting and culinary discovery

Le Chai de Mars © Le Chai de Mars
Marseille 7e Arrondissement Quai de Rive Neuve
Our wines: in 2021, Mars Wine Station purchased a 40 m2 property on Marseille's old harbour, and built their own wine cellar there. There are 8 vats, 2 of them made from stainless steel and 6 earthenware pots.

3 organic vintage wines are now produced there: 'On Grain Degun, La Baie des Singes and Mars'.

The creation of a vineyard in Marseille is underway, and soon the first 100% made-in-Marseille wine will be produced! A culinary discovery with every sip!

Spreads: Timon & Sourrieu produce creations that are inspired by the terroir of the south of France and the wonderful scents of the garrigue. All recipes are created using a key herb or spice, therefore giving the products a real culinary identity.

Our cheeses: the Laiterie Marseillaise is Marseille's first urban dairy. Some of the greatest appellations in the world of cheese can be found there, as well as some farm-grown treasures from all over France, and a selection of homemade products made using local cow's milk, goat's milk and sheep's milk.

Bread: a unique recipe, inspired by traditional bread and made using organic flour from the Alpes de Haute-Provence and natural rye sourdough, with no yeast or additives. Only the basic ingredients, pure and simple.

Chocolate: Françoise La Chocolaterie produces top-quality chocolate, made with passion every day, while respecting traditions and traditional craftsmanship. There's something for everyone, from the pure and simple, with an added feminine touch, fruity or sour. Visitors can taste the Mars wines, served with the culinary specialities from other producers of Marseille.

Come to the Chai de Mars on Marseille's old harbour.