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Day 2

Les Bonbons de Julien

Bourg-Argental 48 Boulevard d'Almandet
Demonstration of how sweets and chocolates are made using natural ingredients. Sugary and chocolate-based creations of all kinds.

When visitors arrive on the premises, the confectioners/chocolate makers invite them to begin the tour. There are four parts to the tour:
- Explanation of the different natural ingredients used, through fun workshop activities.
- The museum of manufacturing sweets and lollipops the traditional way, and the various tools used in the past.
- A live demonstration from a qualified confectioner of making sweets and lollipops from baked sugar, in an amphitheatre with an opportunity to taste afterwards.
- Walkway overlooking the other workshops (manufacture of marshmallows, nougatine, chocolates, candied chestnuts, and, of course, the packaging room).