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Christian Têtedoie *

Bateau © Restaurant Têtedoie
Homard © Restaurant Têtedoie
Framboises © Restaurant Têtedoie
Lapin © Restaurant Têtedoie
Chocolat © Restaurant Têtedoie
Grenouilles © Restaurant Têtedoie
Plat © Restaurant Têtedoie
salle Restaurant Têtedoie © DADO LOPEZ-PEREZ
autre vue / Restaurant Têtedoie © DADO LOPEZ-PEREZ
Fauteuil / Restaurant Têtedoie © DADO LOPEZ-PEREZ
Christian Têtedoie © Restaurant Tetedoie
Lyon 5e Arrondissement 4 rue du Professeur Pierre Marion
The majestic glass construction, Têtedoie, stands proudly on Fourvière hill and has become the trendy place to be in Lyon. The building boasts contemporary architecture and a chic, minimalist style inside with colourful artworks on the theme of food. From this unique, bright place, you'll have a view of the Alps in the distance, or the city of Lyon down below. Michelin-starred chef Christian Têtedoie, also awarded the Meilleur Ouvrier de France (best craftsman of France) title, invites you to come and enjoy his wonderful, moving style of cuisine, inspired by the seasons, nature and the beauty of the ingredients used. The dishes provide a combination of modernity and tradition, resulting in exquisite, yet daring creations, such as the lobster combined with calf's head, the pan-fried 'Ris de Veau' with aubergine, raspberry and sorrel, or the soft cheese soufflé, black-olive ice cream, rhubarb and hibiscus.