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Château de Crussol

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Saint-Péray Chemin de Beauregard
An impressive fortress overlooking the Rhone valley, the Château de Crussol and its small village extend over 3 hectares inside the ramparts.
Powerful Duchy of the Kingdom of France, it once controlled the strategic communication routes, gaining in particular rights of way on the Rhone. Built in the 11th century, it prospered for several centuries, reaching its apogee in the 13th century before being successively destroyed by the wars of religion and the erosion of time.

Today, visitors can discover the châtelet gate, the belt of the ramparts, a tower on the south side and the seigneurial residence. The site of Crussol is the subject of a Natura 2000 protection programme and is classified as a Sensitive Natural Area. Situated on a limestone massif rich in biodiversity: dry orchid lawns and rare fauna, you may be able to see the oscellated lizard, one of the largest in Europe, but also bats and many remarkable birds such as the Jean-le-Blanc circaète or the blue blackbird...or even pretty butterflies like the azure of the serpolet.

A panorama that is worth the detour! At Crussol, the view is splendid. View of the Vercors and the vineyards of Saint-Péray and Cornas. Time stands still, breathe, enjoy...