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Delas Frères

Portrait © Maison Delas
Cave et Maison d'Hôtes © S Chapuis
Vue aérienne © S Chapuis
 © Maison Delas Frères
Façade maison d'hôtes © S Chapuis
Cave © S Chapuis
Tonneaux © S Chapuis
Vendange © S Chapuis
Caveau © S Chapuis
Blason © S Chapuis
Salle de dégustation © S Chapuis
Salon © S Chapuis
Vinothtèque © S Chapuis
Cartons de bouteilles © S Chapuis
Casier à bouteilles © S Chapuis
Bouteilles © S Chapuis
Bouteilles © S Chapuis
Salon © S Chapuis
Chambre © S Chapuis
Salle de Bain © S Chapuis
Salon © S Chapuis
Label Vignobles & Découvertes © Atout France
Tain-l'Hermitage 40 avenue Jules Nadi
Since 1966, the honorable Maison Delas, whose roots goes back to 1835, has regained the soul and sparkle that contributed to its renown.
Numerous investments have been made, under the impetus of the new management team, at the Tain L'Hermitage production site, near Tournon-su-rhône.
A motivated team is proudly involved in the qualitative renewal of the great Rhône Valley house: a new winery, specially designed for the vinification of red wines, the complete restructuring of the ageing cellar and the desire to offer top-of-the-range accomodation are among the key elements of Maison Delas' quality approach, summed up in one phrase: to perpetuate and sublimate the expression of the Terroir.