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Jean Loron House


One of the oldest and largest winegrowers in southern Burgundy


Jean Loron House

Maison Jean Loron invites you to explore the heritage left by the winemaker Jean Loron and to come taste wines from the unique spirit of Beaujolais and southern Burgundy, enjoyed all around the world. Situated between the Rock of Solutré in Mâconnais and Moulin-à-Vent in Beaujolais, Maison Jean Loron is one of the oldest and largest vineyard owners in the south of Burgundy.
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360° immersive experience

Want to live a unique experience? Escape to the heart of the vineyard during an immersive 360° visit. Equipped with your VR headset and comfortably installed, you will cross the vineyards and the cellars of our domains, as if you were there. This will give a new dimension to the wines you taste, thanks to the magic of virtual reality.

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Jean Loron House
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