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Aquae Maltae - Brewery of Provence


Aquae Maltae is craft beer brewed in Aix-en-Provence by 'artistic brewers'.


These brewers take their inspiration from the terroir of Provence, and they are passionate about blending malt and hops to create beers that are a perfect reflection of Provence, some of them with added thyme, rosemary or lavender honey. Aquae Maltae is craft beer that comes in a wide range of varieties, offering at least 15 different beers throughout the year, all of them different and all organic.

On-site you can explore the production unit, the bar and there's also a shop selling beers produced on-site.

The brewery is a great place to get together and chat. They offer guided tours, beer tastings, a place for a drink after work, musical events, games nights and often invite local food trucks.

Discovery of Brasserie de Provence

The Brasserie de Provence designs and produces Aquae Maltae beers. These beers are artisanal, organic and created with respect for the environment (green energy, zero waste process, collaboration with local producers) Our " Discovery of the Aquae Maltae Brewery " offer includes the following for 2 people: - Presentation of the brewery. -Visit of the brewery and the production workshop accompanied by one of our brewery artists. - Discovery of the brewing process. - Tasting of the different Aquae Maltae beers. - 2 pints of Aquae Maltae beer (1 per person). - 1 tasting plate of local products.

Bières Aquae Maltae
Crédit : Baptiste Griselle

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Aquae Maltae - Brewery of Provence
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