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Aux Perles de l'Etang


Homemade pastries, chocolate, and confectionery. Master pastry chef, chocolatier, confectioner.

PriceFree entry. Examples of prices: - Individual cakes: from €3.65. - Homemade chocolate bars: 6€. - Caramels: from €1.90. - Homemade spread: €6 for a 200g jar. - Traditional Calissons from Aix-en-Provence: from €4.40. The two specialties of the shop: - Pearls of the pond: €78 per kilo. - Gourmet Tomettes: €6.90 for a box of 12. €12.90 for a box of 24.

"Aux pearls of the pond" is one of the most renowned places in Martigues for all lovers of chocolate and small cakes. Since 1996, Jean-Bernard Poitevin has been working with local products to offer delicacies as tasty as each other.

Individual cakes (strawberry pies, rum baba, revisited tarte tatin, chocolate dome, etc.) or to share, cakes, flans, apple pies, pastries, Provençal shuttles (rosemary, anise, olive oil, lavender ,...) and savory snacks fill the beautifully displayed window. The other part of the store is devoted to sweets (calissons from Aix-en-Provence, fruit jellies, meringues, caramels, etc.) and chocolates (homemade tablets, spreads, individual chocolates, etc.) .).

You can also find two typically Martegal specialities: Les Perles de l'étang and Les Tomettes gourmandes.

Les Perles de l'étang were created in 1965 by Mr. Favier. These are candied cherries macerated in alcohol, coated in marzipan and dipped in chocolate. Everything is dusted with icing sugar.

The Gourmet Tomettes (whose shape represents a Provençal tomette) are made from almonds coated with milk chocolate and croutine. They are flavored with sesame, anise seeds and Camargue fleur de sel.
This specialty was selected by the "La route gourmande" jury.

"Aux Perles de l'étang" was recommended by Le Petit Futé from 2015 to 2019.

The Tomette Gourmande - Aux perles de l'Etang

Enjoy a local speciality:  The Tomette Gourmande, with milk chocolate and croustine, made with almonds, flavoured with sesame, aniseed and Camargue fleur de sel.

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Aux Perles de l'Etang
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