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Camargue Coquillages is a company authorised to produce and sell shellfish, in Port Saint Louis, in Camargue. Oyster and mussels producer since 1995. The first producer in the PACA region of France to be organic certified.

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We are passionate about our profession as shellfish producers, and we do our utmost to provide our customers with top-quality products that respect marine biodiversity. We are committed to providing you with the very best of the sea, fresh and delicious products, as well as a great service. But our mission doesn't stop there, as we are also committed to preserving the waters of the Camargue Regional Nature Park by raising awareness with visitors/customers about the issues faced by professionals.

The organic shellfish, oysters and mussels offered by Camargue Coquillages are certified organic and comply with the European Union Organic Farming regulations. The organic certification guarantees that the production methods respect the environment and the well-being of the animals.

A lower density of shellfish per table (fewer ropes) reduces the pressure exerted on the environment, and also the death rate of the shellfish (no spreading of diseases), therefore providing our customers with better quality products.

Shellfish from natural collection methods, certified organic.

The most important point is that the Perle de Camargue® is a diploid oyster, and therefore natural, compared to the triploid oyster, for which consumption is higher in France and which is harmful to the environment.

Production methods that are certified organic are guaranteed to respect the natural environment. As we are in the Camargue Regional Nature Park, we have a duty to respect this environment. Several years ago, we set up a partnership with the Festival de la Camargue et du Delta du Rhône to raise awareness about our marine environment.

Traceability is essential in ensuring the customer is provided with a healthy, top-quality product.

Discovering the " Perle de Camargue " 

The day will start with a visit of the oyster shack and the packaging workshop. Then, we will join in a workshop on "oyster gluing" to stimulate the visitors' curiosity about the specificities of oyster farming in the Mediterranean. The explanations will be given in a playful way so that everyone can understand. As the only organic producer in the southern region, we will also address this issue, which will delight the visitors. In 2019, we were awarded the Prix de la Dynamique Agricole et de la Pêche, to reward our efforts, dynamism, and the long-term vision of our passion. We conclude this visit with a tasting of the production on site.

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