Cave Poulet et Fils
Cave Poulet et Fils (winery)
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Cave Poulet et Fils (winery)


As a good wine grower, Emmanuel perpetuates the know-how passed on from father to son over four generations. Expect a warm welcome and the opportunity to discover Emmanuel's wine production: Clairette and Crémant de Die and Châtillon-en-Diois vintages.

In the family-owned winery, Emmanuel is the fourth of his generation to produce wine.
Alain his father expanded the Poulet domain, increasing its size from 1,5 to 15 hectares. He also played a part in the development of the Ancestral Method at a time, in the 1960’s, when the process was not entirely fixed. Emmanuel benefited from his father’s know-how and chose to expand the family business by focusing on quality control to improve clients’ satisfaction and has been developing an international client base.
On our 24 hectares’ domain we produce 170,000 bottles a year:
- 130,000 bottles of Clairette de Die
-25,0000 bottles of Crémant de Die
- 6,000 Bottles of Châtillon-en-Diois vintage
- 800 Bottles of Côteaux de Die

We work mostly with 5 different cepages :
-18 hectares of small grain White Muscat
-5 hectares of White Clairette
- 1 hectare of Gamay
- 0,5 hectare of Aligoté
-0,5 hectare of Chardonnay
Our vines are planted in small plots (or parcelles) on clay-limestone hills.

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Cave Poulet et Fils (winery)
785 Avenue de la Clairette, 145 chemin des Sagnats, 26340 Vercheny
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