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Château de Nervers


Jean-Benoît and Tiphaine de Chabannes have taken over one of the region's last great family estates, where they work with great respect for the environment and the soil, caring for nature and the quality of their wines.

The Château de Nervers estate, halfway between Mâcon and Lyon, comprises 45 hectares of Brouilly vines. We also cultivate 10 hectares of Beaujolais and Beaujolais-villages. All our parcels and cuvées, 100% Gamay, are certified to take care of Nature (Organic Farming, Terra Vitis and High Environmental Value 3).

A former hunting lodge, Château de Nervers has been a family-run wine estate for almost 200 years (1830). Six generations have succeeded one another, up to Jean-Benoît and Tiphaine, the current owners. For the first time in its history, the estate is now run by a couple who look after the vines from planting to consumption!

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Château de Nervers
1100 allée de Nervers, 69460 Odenas
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