Château les Amoureuses
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Château Les Amoureuses (The lovers' castle)


At the heart of the Rhone Valley southern part, you'll find Terres des Amoureuses, the result of both creativity and work, in search of perfection and innovation. Member of Étape savoureuse d'Ardèche

"In the heart of the authentic Ardèche, Terres des Amoureuses
benefits from a refreshing altitude, a diverse soil, different exposures and a fortunate light environment which is unique in France. The meticulous labour in the vineyard, the modern wine cellar with its latest technology for the best quality, the expertise, the creativity and the willpower of the motivated staff all help to create exceptional wines. Jean-Pierre Bedel is passionate about wine and has always had a big desire to create his own exceptional wines.
He shares this ambition with his partner Florence. In 2011 they buy the Domaine les Amoureuses on the right bank of the Rhône, south of Bourg-Saint-Andéol in the Ardèche, their birthplace.
Ever since, a refreshing new wind animates the property.

With Jean-Michel Novelle, oenologist and international consultant, they rethink everything, from vineyard to cellar, with an openness towards new horizons to make of the Ardèche ... the new world of wine.

The vineyard of about fifty hectares on different land and diverse altitudes (from 100 to 400 meters) is composed of a large palette of southern vine varieties. The cellar with its latest technologies in wine making has a motivated staff constantly in search of perfection. These elements give birth to great wines with exceptional purity, an astonishing freshness and a great aromatic complexity inspired by tradition and especially by innovation. "

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Château Les Amoureuses (The lovers' castle)
La Cave - Château les Amoureuses, Chemin de Vinsas - 07700 -, 07700 Bourg-Saint-Andéol
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