Cité des Climats de Beaune
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Cité des Climats et vins de Bougogne - Beaune


A multi-sensory tour, cultural workshops for all, conferences and round tables, wine-tasting workshops, a wine bar with wine pairings, etc.

Cité des Climats et vins de Bougogne - Beaune

The Cité des Climats et Vins de Bourgogne is a network of three future cultural and tourist sites located in three emblematic areas of the Burgundy vineyards: Chablis, Beaune and Mâcon. Open to all, from novices to enthusiasts, the Cité will invite visitors to discover all the riches of this great vineyard shaped by man through friendly, sensory and educational experiences for young and old alike. A true multi-sensory dive into the world of wine and vines, the immersive tour of each site will reveal the infinite cultural richness and diversity of Burgundy wines. Visitors will also be able to take advantage of workshops and tasting courses, as well as a varied programme of events throughout the year.

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An architectural gem offering a unique panoramic view of the vineyards

From the top of this 24-metre-high tower, you can enjoy an uninterrupted view of the Burgundy vineyards.

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Cité des Climats et vins de Bougogne - Beaune
21200 BEAUNE
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