Distillerie Garagaï
Distillerie Garagaï
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Distillerie Garagaï


Distillerie Garagaï makes unique spirits that are anything but standard. Each vintage captures a spirit that arose in the Montagne Sainte-Victoire hills, the crowning jewel of the Provençal garrigue.

PriceFree entry.

The colours and aromas are blended before getting the local artisanal treatment, from picking the plants to sealing the bottles.

The distillery is all about keeping things local, from production to distribution which remains a secret.

The herbs are picked wild or we grow them ourselves so we can use them fresh (and the quality is incredible). Regional organic farmers sometimes lend a hand to make certain herbs depending on the vintage.

Pastis-making workshop coming soon (max. 5 ppl per group)

Pastis making workshop
Explanation then individualized production of a bottle of pastis for each participant. Everything takes place at the Garagaï Distillery using macerations from the distillery. I only work with fresh plants that I grow. 60€ per person / All year round, dates to be arranged by appointment

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Distillerie Garagaï
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