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Domaine Célia & David LARGE


Domaine Large, Beaujo, Beaujo Villages. Montmelas and its suburbs as terroirs to play in, a few crus to travel a little. 8 hectares on slopes: chardonnay & gamay noir. David, a child of Beaujolais, at the helm since 2012. Célia, Catalan transfer in 2019

PriceAdult: from 10 €.

We offer a wide range of wine-tasting activities:
- visit to our family winery and wine tasting,
- vineyard tour and tasting,
- introduction to wine tasting,
- blind tasting workshop.
Our pop culture references influence the world of our winery, and are even reflected on our labels!

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Domaine Célia & David LARGE
700 Le Clerjon, 69640 Montmelas-Saint-Sorlin
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