Château La Coste
Château La Coste
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Domaine Château La Coste

Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade

Come and discover the Château La Coste wines and learn all about the winegrowing process on a tour of our wine cellar, created by architect Jean Nouvel, then sample the red, white and rosé wines in a tasting session.

Château La Coste is a winegrowing estate in Provence that stretches across 200 hectares of land, around fifteen kilometres from Aix-en-Provence. Since 2002, the Château La Coste has been paying close care and attention to growing the grapevines, to the winemaking process and to the quality of the wines produced here.

Architect Jean Nouvel was commissioned to design a technologically advanced winery, to produce the finest of wines. This new technology protects the natural expression of the grapes. In 2009, the wines were certified organic, thanks to the respect for the land and the methods.

Today, Château La Coste is a vineyard where art, architecture and the land are combined. Take a stroll around the estate, through the woodland, across hills, past olive trees and vines and admire the artworks and artistic installations from guest artists and architects.

Discovery of the Château La Coste
Located in the heart of Provence between the historic city of Aix en Provence and the Luberon National Park, Château la Coste is a vineyard where Wine, Art and Architecture live in harmony. Since the opening to the public in 2011, the estate allows you to discover forty major works of contemporary art permanently installed in nature and 5 galleries offering you a unique experience in the middle of 200 hectares of organically grown vines. Château La Coste is also a mecca for the French art of living and notably for gastronomy with 5 restaurants, one of which is directed by Hélène Darroze and another by Francis Mallmann. Artists and architects were invited to visit the estate and discover the beauty of the Provence landscape. They were then encouraged to choose a space on the estate and create a work that would live there. Château la Coste continues to evolve with new projects and installations in development.

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Domaine Château La Coste
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