Domaine du Mas d'Intras
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Domaine du Mas d'Intras


The Mas d'Intras is a family-run 25-hectare estate producing organic wines. You can visit the cellar all year round to taste their PGI Ardèche wines. They have been selected to be a member of the 'Etapes Savoureuses Ardèche', and have been certified by the 'Goûtez l'Ardèche' and 'Vignobles & Découvertes' labels.

PriceFree access. Group rate available for > 8 people. From €4.50 to €9.50 the bottle.

The Mas d'Intras is a family-run business run by 7 people and has been managed as a GAEC (jointly run estate) by two cousins, Denis Robert and Sébastien Pradal, since 1982 in Valvignères, at the heart of a small valley in southern Ardèche.

The organic farming label is not an end result, but rather a beginning, working towards more serene winemaking, towards better, healthier wines and towards even more pleasure in this profession and in creating great taste!

Grassing over the areas between the vines, a low sulphite content, spontaneous fermentation, respecting the trees surrounding the vine plots, vats heated by solar power, cork stoppers and recycled packaging... Our philosophy is reflected throughout the entire production chain in terms of energy, health, maintenance of the land and employment.
Behaving responsibly is all about observation, reflection and conscience.

Our wide range of grape varieties allows us to produce different wines, from the relatively light varieties to the more full-bodied, while respecting traditions at all times.

The 'Vignerons Indépendants' (independent winegrowers) logo is the guarantee for consumers that the product is made from grapes grown on-site and that bottling is also done on-site.

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Domaine du Mas d'Intras
3080 Route d'Intras, 07400 Valvignères
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