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Domaine Dufouleur Frères


A passion for wine, passed on from father to son

Domaine Dufouleur Frères

The Dufouleur family is delighted to welcome visitors to its estate in Nuits-Saint-Georges in the heart of the UNESCO-classified site of the Climats du Vignoble de Bourgogne. Tastings are held at the oenotheque in the grounds of the Château.

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Tour and tasting with a wine expert from the Château

Come and explore the Dufouleur’s family château, that has been passed down through the generations, from father to son. After your tour, come to the château’s wine shop for a commented tasting (between €20 and €25/person depending on the number of participants). There are several areas devoted to tastings at the château: the bar for people who come either alone or as a couple, a room for groups and an outdoor seating area for sunny days.

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Domaine Dufouleur Frères
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