Domaine Aufranc à Fleurie
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Domaine Philippe Aufranc


Philippe and Martine will be delighted to share with you a glass of Fleurie and their passion for work in the vineyard and wine cellar. Boutique area with produce from the local terroir.

My grandfather acquired the estate in 1935. At the time it was a mixture of vineyard and meadow. Standing on mid-slope soils of granitic sand, to the East of the “Madone de Fleurie” at a place known as “Prion”, the vineyard became the estate’s main activity in 1978. Today, it covers 7 hectares.

Son, grandson and great-grandson of winegrowers, I came to live on the family estate in 1984, at the age of 20.

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Domaine Philippe Aufranc
196, route de Frédière, 69820 Fleurie
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