La Chèvre à Dorey
Dorey's goat
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Dorey's goat


La Chèvre à Dorey is a family-run farm, passed down from father to son since 1954, in the village of St. Bardoux, in Drôme des Collines.

We breed 60 goats, 70 cows and we have an apricot grove that respects reasonable farming practices. Our main activity is to produce 'tommes de chèvre' (goat's cheese). We produce the following products: 'tomme de chèvre (goat's cheese), saucissons, terrines, spicy sausages made from goat meat and apricot juice.

You can stop by to see us on the markets: St. Donat on Monday mornings, Bourg de Péage on Thursday mornings, Pont de l'Isère on Friday evenings and at the farm from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 12pm.

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Dorey's goat
470 B route de la Plaine, 26260 Saint-Bardoux
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