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La Chaumière


A modern, creative and colourful menu, providing an exquisite and heart-warming culinary experience.

Duration3 hours
La Chaumière

“I like to see the pleasure in our guest’s eyes when they are eating, their surprise about a taste, a combination, an ingredient.” (Joël Cesari, chef at La Chaumière)

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A gourmet journey to the heart of the Jura terroir

You'll love listening to chef Joël Cesari talking about his region and the local products he knows so well, and cooks to perfection in his tasty and colourful dishes. The wine list is an invitation to discover the treasures of the Jura vineyard thanks to a selection of high-quality local wines, produced by winegrowers who are, for the most part, committed to environmentally friendly practices.

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La Chaumière
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