La récré
La récré
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La Récré


You'll get a warm welcome from Cédric and Fabrice. The dishes here are bursting with flavour, colour, passion and style.

PriceFrom 12/02 to 13/11/2022 Adult menu: 26.90 to 49.90 € Child menu: 15 €. From 14/02 to 08/10/2023 Adult menu: 26.90 to 49.90 € Child menu: 15 €.

Dispositions spéciales COVID 19
We have established a safety protocol:
- We have arranged our tables with more space
- We serve with masks and gloves
- We have put placemats as a menu
- We have put biodegradable paper napkins, to avoid any risk of contamination
- We continue (as we have always done) to clean our premises with all the attention and respect of the sanitary rules
- We archive the contact information for a period of 4 weeks (for contact purposes in case of contamination, they will not be sold or used for commercial purposes)
And we ask you, for your/our safety, to respect certain instructions:
- Wash your hands upon arrival and upon leaving the restroom
- Not to touch the school books and other trinkets...
- Not to come to the counter (even for cash, we will come to your table)
- And, even if it is restrictive and we understand it, we ask the children to remain seated at the table.

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La Récré
Monsieur REVOL Cédric 70 route de Satillieu, 07410 Vaudevant
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