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La Route Bleue restaurant

La Fouillouse

At the beginning of the 20th century, families would all pile into their car and head off for the south. As they came down from Paris, many of them would take 'La Route Bleue', the 'blue road' to the French Riviera.

PriceA la carte: 15 to 29 € Child menu: 14 € Dish of the day: 15 € Menu of the day: 27 to 34 €.

On the way, they would have to stop off to eat and drink. Over in La Fouillouse, a mere stone's throw from the centre of Saint-Étienne, there is an establishment which is ideal for a gourmet stopover. Down this pretty little street, you'll find some dishes meticulously concocted by Ludivine, the talented chef, and served to your table with a smile by Angélique. La Route Bleue is the ideal place for epicureans, those looking for fresh produce supplied by local farmers, all lovingly prepared and presented with finesse and delicacy. So drop everything, and head over to La Route Bleue now.

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La Route Bleue restaurant
40 Rue du Vernay, 42480 La Fouillouse
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