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Le Grand Puech


The Le Grand Puech hotel-restaurant in Mimet, the village at the highest altitude in the Bouches-du-Rhône, is in an exceptional location with a clear view of the Etoile mountain range, offering a complete change of scenery for your corporate lunches or dinners.

Adult menu: 14 to 42 €.
opening dateUntil 14/07/2024
HoursFrom 01/01 to 31/12. Closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

At the heart of Provence, learn all about being an ethical and eco-friendly citizen with chef Michel Basaldella, who is bringing a fresh, new perspective to the world of cuisine.
A humanistic vision that encourages us to become aware of our surrounding environment.

Authentic stopover in the highest village of the Bouches-du-Rhône with the chef Michel Basaldella
Come and discover the authentic village of Mimet, the highest commune of the Bouches-du-Rhône. Chef Michel Basaldella will take you on a touristic experience combining gastronomy, culture and nature. The experience includes : - A gastronomic offer: welcome aperitif, authentic dinner in 4 steps, short cooking lesson with the chef - Visit of the village: church with the oldest santons of Provence, viewpoint overlooking the Arc valley and unique view of the Sainte Victoire, visit of the first ice house of Provence, house of the memory of Mimet and local handicraft: leatherworker le grain de selle in his workshop - Discovery of the land: sensory visit in the permaculture garden, to discover aromatic herbs, visit to the farm of the bush producer Thierry Faure (Slow Food sentinel), botanical walk of 3 hours in the heart of the massif de l'Etoile and its surprising view on Marseille and its surroundings.

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Le Grand Puech
8 Rue St Sébastien, 13105 Mimet
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