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Le Saint Laurent


At the Saint Laurent restaurant, Georges Blanc invites you to rediscover the culinary tradition of the Val de Saône during this gourmet stop.

Banquettes, posters, checkerboard floor and terrace with view on the Saône for this brasserie with retro charm. Its terrace will prove to be very pleasant and peaceful. The cuisine of the Val de Saône, you will find some classic dishes such as fried Saône fish, fresh frog legs sautéed, Bresse poultry in cream sauce... "Clin d'œil Mâconnais", "le Marché du Jour", "Une Envie Gourmande" are some of the menus, with evocative names, which will be proposed to you.

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Le Saint Laurent
1 Quai Bouchacourt, 01750 Saint-Laurent-sur-Saône
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