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Le Saint Laurent


At the Saint Laurent restaurant, Georges Blanc invites you on a gourmet experience through the culinary traditions of the Val de Saône.

At this retro-style brasserie, you'll find bench seats, posters, checkered floor tiles and an outdoor seating area with a view of the Saône. The outdoor terrace is a very pleasant and peaceful place to dine. They serve typical cuisine of the Val de Saône with some traditional specialities such as Saône whitebait, fresh pan-fried frogs' legs, and creamy Bresse chicken. There are some set menus on offer, with names that give you an idea of what to expect: 'Clin d’œil Mâconnais' (a tribute to the Mâconnais region) , 'le Marché du Jour' (today's market), 'Une Envie Gourmande' (a sweet tooth).

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Le Saint Laurent
1 Quai Bouchacourt, 01750 Saint-Laurent-sur-Saône
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