Les Bonbons de Julien
Les Bonbons de Julien

Les Bonbons de Julien


In a workshop especially designed to welcome the public, Julien and his team work with sugar & chocolate to make their homemade creations. These confectioners work their magic on the ingredients to create all sorts of sweet treats, in a range of delicious flavours: sweets in all shapes and sizes, marshmallows, etc.

PriceFree of charge. Group rate available for > 30 people.

Demonstration of how sweets and chocolates are made using natural ingredients. Sugary and chocolate-based creations of all kinds.

When visitors arrive on the premises, the confectioners/chocolate makers invite them to begin the tour. There are four parts to the tour:
- Explanation of the different natural ingredients used, through fun workshop activities.
- The museum of manufacturing sweets and lollipops the traditional way, and the various tools used in the past.
- A live demonstration from a qualified confectioner of making sweets and lollipops from baked sugar, in an amphitheatre with an opportunity to taste afterwards.
- Walkway overlooking the other workshops (manufacture of marshmallows, nougatine, chocolates, candied chestnuts, and, of course, the packaging room).

Dispositions spéciales COVID 19
During your visit, we ask you to respect the measures put in place for your safety and the health of everyone (hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance + distancing + compulsory mask for adults and children over 11 years old).
The maximum number of visitors is 50, so the "health pass" does not apply.

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Les Bonbons de Julien
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