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Producer of Bugey Cerdon wines according to traditional methods, and AOC 'Traditional Method' Bugey wines, both sweet and dry varieties. Tasting tour with explanation of the traditional method.

PriceGroup rate available for > 10 people. Groups : - tasting with AOC cheese the morning : 4€ - tasting with tart the afternoon : 4€ Simply tasting : free Sparkling grape juice without alcohol for children.

Come and take part in an enjoyable tasting of the 'Traditional Method' Bugey-Cerdon well-known sparkling rosé and other Bugey wines:
Red Bugey, Bugey Chardonnay, 'Traditional Method' Blanc-de-Blanc Chardonnay, and Marc du Bugey aged in oak barrels. Special variety just for the children: sparkling non-alcoholic grape juice.

The Lingot-Martin wine cellar is in Poncin in the French department of Ain, just a few kilometres from the town of Cerdon.
The wine cellar is well-known for its PDO Cerdon wines ('traditional method' sparkling rosé), as well as its PDO Bugey wines. This winegrowing region is 30 kilometres east of Bourg-en-Bresse, along the Lyon-Geneva axis.

The wine cellar was founded in 1970 and today is jointly run by 4 family members and friends who have been firmly rooted to this terroir for several generations, and who together, have managed to really get the best out of the Cerdon vineyard: Jean-Luc and Frédéric Guillon, David Boley and Eric Vucher.

The Cerdon 'Traditional Method': This ancient local tradition is to follow these steps in the winemaking process:
- harvesting and pressing
- partial fermentation at a low temperature to preserve the sweet taste and aromas, as well as the typical pink colour of the grape
- filtering to eliminate any yeast deposit
- bottling and final corking before consumption.
Characteristics of this wine:
- low alcohol content: 8%
- lightly sparkling
- very distinctive flavours from the grape varieties
This refreshing sparkling wine is great as a pre-dinner drink or with dessert, and is highly appreciated for its freshness and taste of red berries.

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