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A family-run estate where the love for the land has been passed down through the generations. After gaining extensive work experience in biology and oenology, Jean-Claude joined his father André on the family estate in 1989.

This father and son duo created the vineyard together, led by their shared passion for the grapevines and wine. Their motto was "Togetherness, experience and innovation to create top-quality wine."

At the Domaine Mouton, the work done is serious and dignified, respecting the land and the yields on steep slopes where the Syrah and Viognier grapes
draw their strength.

Jean-Claude and André have always worked hard to get the very best out of this grape variety without distorting it, preserving its full character, seeking out the fruit, without ever losing sight of its particular characteristics.

Condrieu 2009 - Gold Medal in Chavanay
Condrieu 2010 - Silver Medal in Chavanay
Condrieu 2011 - Gold medal in Chavanay
Condrieu 2014 - Silver medal in Chavanay

Condrieu Côte-Chatillon 2012 - Bronze medal in Chavanay
Condrieu Côte-Chatillon 2013 - Bronze medal in Chavanay
Condrieu Côte-Chatillon 2016 - Gold medal in Chavanay
Condrieu Côte-Chatillon 2017 - Bronze medal in Chavanay

Old vintage Condrieu Côte-Chatillon 2004 - Bronze medal in Chavanay (in 2014)
Old vintage Condrieu Côte-Chatillon 2012 - Gold medal in Chavanay (in 2017)

Côte Rôtie Maison Rouge 2012 - Bronze medal in Ampuis

Côte Chatillon:
Guide Hachette: 2014 vintage - 1 star
Gilbert & Gaillard Guide: rated 91/100
Robert Laffond Guide: rated 97/100
- Ranked 11th best wine in France
- Best white wine from the Rhone Valley
- 4th best white wine in France

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Mouton Père & Fils
23 Montée du Rozay, 69420 Condrieu
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