Olive & Sens – La Maison des Huiles d’Olive et Olives de France
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Olive & Sens - The House of French olives and olive oils


Discover the olive tree and its products through an immersive experience that will awaken your five senses.
Come and learn, touch, smell, taste Olive Oils from France!
Cooking workshop, tasting workshop, exhibitions, activities... (see website for further information).

Adult: 4 € (Open house and tasting)

Child (6-16 years): 2 € (Open house and tasting).

Free entry for children

Discounts accepted: Pass Provence.

Olive & Sens - The House of Olive Oils and Olives from France -, invites visitors to take part in a sensory immersion where their 5 senses will be awakened to discover the fascinating world of the olive tree and its products. This unique exhibition allows anyone to discover olive oils and olives in a fun way through various workshops: an odorama, a wall of oils, a model, sound bells, a touch table, an oil tasting area and an audio tour.

Olive & Sens has a large kitchen to offer culinary workshops led by chefs: learning to cook different olive oils, discovering more olive products with a thousand and one secrets, trying out original recipes are the watchwords!

Tasting initiations are also planned in this space.

Want to learn more about tasting olive oils? Want to discover unsuspected aromatic palettes, tips for use, gourmet marriages?

Discover our tasting training program. From initiation to more advanced tasting, there is something for everyone.

For adventurers who do not have a lot of time but who are curious, we offer workshops from 45 min to 1h30 to introduce you to the sensory universe of olive oils

And should you want to continue the experience, the boutique space is made for that!

Buy quality French olive products (all PDOs are for sale) as well as items related to the world of olive trees.

Something to feast on!

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Olive & Sens - The House of French olives and olive oils
40, Place de la Libération, 26110 Nyons
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