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Company producing 100% natural fruit juices, made using local products.

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This establishment was founded at the heart of the fruit orchards and vegetable gardens of Provence.
The Pressoirs de Provence brand is brought to you by the Sojufel Provence Production company, who have been making fruit juice with local farmers since 1981.
In 1992, a fruit juice and nectar shop was opened on the factory premises. The idea was to develop a range of juices that would showcase expert know-how and the exceptional terroir. The Pressoirs de Provence products are the result of many years of hard work alongside the producers. It is thanks to them that the Pressoirs de Provence products are made using sun-kissed fruit and vegetables that were harvested at just the right level of maturity and taste particularly amazing.
The team from Pressoirs de Provence's key values are to use natural, authentic products and to respect both the product and the terroir. It is with this in mind that they create their bottles of juice and nectar.

This is how they have worked from the very beginning, up until today.

Over time, the range and the brand have developed, but they have never forgotten their number one goal: to remain firmly rooted in the local terroir and traditions, to offer authentic products, and treat their customers to the real taste of nature.

Today, Pressoirs de Provence boasts 40 different products. First and foremost is their range of juice and nectar made using fresh, regional fruit and vegetables, a selection of fruit, vegetables and berries from further afield was then added to their product range.

Artisan-creator of juice for 40 years
Thanks to a rigorous selection of seasonal fruits, collaborations anchored with the producers of Provence, fruits picked at maturity, discover in our store of Saint-Andiol each fruit juice Pressoirs de Provence and plunge you in the true taste of the fruit. 100% fruit, no additives, no preservatives, no flavor enhancers and no coloring, only fruit, pressed, pasteurized and directly bottled to preserve all the minerals, vitamins and aromas. Rewarded by more than 90 medals at the Concours Général de Paris, the Pressoirs de Provence brand is known and recognized for its products and for its exceptional juices. During your visit in our store you will benefit from advices and a tasting !
Bouteille de jus de fruit servie au verre avec viennoiserie
Bouteille de jus de fruit servie au verre avec viennoiserie

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Pressoirs de Provence
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