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Wine school by Fabrice SOMMIER


A collection of workshops to learn all the secrets of wine

Duration2 heures (68€) ou 3 heures (90€)
Wine school by Fabrice SOMMIER
Born in 2021 from the desire of Charlotte Sugier and Fabrice Sommier to awaken your curiosity, the first "Maison des Ateliers" in Mâcon is a unique place where, in a chic and warm atmosphere, everyone comes to find the answer to their desire for discovery. Behind the door of each room, the moments are unique: from a cooking class to a yoga session, from an introduction to wine tasting to the pleasure of a relaxing massage, it is all about learning, meeting and sharing.

- Wines and Spirits: fun and accessible workshops on wines and spirits for everyone, amateurs and experts.

- Cooking and pastry: cooking and pastry workshops to awaken the taste buds of young and old.

- Well-being: well-being workshops and exceptional treatments to recharge your batteries.

- Culture: creative and botanical workshops to awaken your artistic soul.
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Tasting workshops at the Wine School

Come to the Wine School by Fabrice Sommier to discover a catalogue of 30 fun wine tasting workshops, open to beginners and experienced wine lovers alike, divided into four themes: "Wine in four fundamental steps" (6 wines tasted in 2 hours or 9 wines tasted in 3 hours, depending on the workshop chosen), "France and its 14 wine-producing regions" (6 wines tasted in 2 hours), "The world of wine in 5 continents" (9 wines tasted in 3 hours), "The 7 families of spirits" (6 wines tasted in 2 hours).

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Wine school by Fabrice SOMMIER
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