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This wine cooperative was founded in 1952 to group together winegrowers from Valvignères, Saint-Thomé and Gras. Together, the 44 cooperative farmers produce and sell 25,000 to 30,000 hectolitres of wine on the 470 hectares of vine plantations. The cooperative bears the 'Goûtez l'Ardèche' quality label.

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Red wine production:
- Merlot: grape variety harvested early on at the beginning of September, producing a soft, supple and tender wine, with a beautiful Ruby colour. Good ageing ability, at least 3-4 years, it can however be enjoyed young.
- Syrah: the most traditional variety of the mid-Rhône Valley, it produces a distinctive, heady, smooth and powerful wine. It can be quite bitter-tasting when consumed young. Syrah wine is best consumed after ageing for a few years.
- Cabernet Sauvignon: its small grains of slate colour produce very full-bodied, very colourful wines that are rich in tannins. This wine can age well, but reaches a harmonious quality very quickly and so can be consumed within the first year.
- Grenache: this characteristic grape variety from a sunny region is fond of stony and arid land. Its sweet grape produces colourful and strong wines. Used as a blending grape variety, it produces a rich, balanced wine with a good ability to age.

White wine production:
- Chardonnay: one of the finest of the white grape varieties, Chardonnay produces absolutely remarkable, transparent, light, fruity wines.
- Sauvignon Blanc: these grapes are known worldwide, and produce very fruity, light and remarkable wines.
- Viognier: grape variety from the Rhône Valley, producing exceptional wine that is golden and fragrant, sweet and fruity. It is at its best in the year following the harvest.

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Winegrowers' Cooperative
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