Beaujolais Dupeuble
Beaujolais Dupeuble
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Beaujolais Dupeuble - Château des Pertonnières

Le Breuil

The Dupeuble estate was acquired by one of our ancestors in 1512. Since that date, each generation has contributed its knowledge to consistently improve the quality of our wines. We are delighted to welcome you to our tasting cellar to give you a tasting and to share our passion with you: Beaujolais.

Today the Château des Pertonnières represents 43 Ha and extends over 8 different communes.

The exploitation, exclusively family, was assured by 3 brothers: Damien, Julien, Paul. Today it is Paul, Ghislaine and Stéphane (daughter and son of Damien) who take care of the exploitation, the vinification and the marketing.

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Beaujolais Dupeuble - Château des Pertonnières
Château des Pertonnières, 69620 Le Breuil
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