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Domaine Dufouleur Frères


A passion for wine from father to son

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Dufouleur Frères

Since 1596 and no doubt longer than that, the Dufouleur family has been established at Nuit-St-Georges, where they work the vine, make the wine and produce the greatest Burgundy wines. Wine growers and owners then both producers and merchants, the Dufouleur family has continued for more than 4 centuries to give a meaning to their patronym, this name "fuller" , the man who crushes the grapes in the vat to make wine.Installed in the Château at Nuits-Saint-Georges and the inheritor of this long tradition, the Dufouleur Frères House has the vocation to perpetuate the excellence and authenticity of the Great Wines of Burgundy.
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Visit and tasting with an oenologist of the castle

Come and visit the Dufouleur family's chateau, which has been handed down from generation to generation and from father to son. After your visit, go to the château's wine library for a commented wine tasting (between 20€ and 25€/person and depending on the number of participants). The château is equipped to receive guests during tastings: the bar for individuals or couples, a room for groups, and a terrace on sunny days to enjoy the beauty of the site.

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Domaine Dufouleur Frères
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