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Autumn season in the Vallée de la Gastronomie 🍂

Dijon > Tournus > Saint-Marcellin > Nyons
Tour duration 3 days, 2 nights
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The trees turn amber and autumn reveals a feast of flavors. Follow this gourmet itinerary through the Vallée de la Gastronomie from Dijon to Nyons, passing through the vineyards of Beaujolais. Enjoy a unique adventure where the culinary symphony of seasonal produce and the character of the wines transform each activity into a memorable experience. In this autumnal journey, La Vallée de la Gastronomie invites you to explore the vineyards during the grape harvest, the walnut and olive fields and to dine at the tables of the region's finest restaurants.
15 steps distributed over 3 days

Day 1

Dijon > Tournus
Loiseau des Ducs
In the heart of the capital of the Dukes of Burgundy, Loiseau des ducs, housed in the HĂ´tel de Talmay, a listed historic monument, welcomes you in an authentic setting or on its terrace facing the Dukes' Palace. With its refined cuisine, straightforward tastes, beautiful flavours and respect for the product, Loiseau des ducs accurately transcribes the Bernard Loiseau culinary style.
During the summer months, guests can also enjoy a refreshing break on the lovely terrace overlooking the Palais des Ducs.
For your seminars, or meals with family, colleagues or friends, the private room Auxois-Morvan welcomes you (up to 20 people). The hotel has a wine library serving nearly 30 local and international wines by the glass.
36 min By car
48 km
A peek behind-the-scenes of the grape harvester profession at the Château de Pommard
Château de Pommard is ideally located just a few kilometres from Beaune, in the heart of Burgundy. Our tastings have been specifically designed to enhance your knowledge of the world of wine while awakening your senses.
A variety of tastings are available at Château de Pommard.
We are open every day from 10am to 6pm.

For prices, opening times and opening days, please contact us directly: +33 380220799 or concierge@chateaudepommard.com
BIVB / Château de Pommard
39 min By car
58 km
at Les Terrasses
"Artisan Chef" is how Jean-Michel, a young starred chef, likes to introduce himself. With Pascal and Victor, pillars of the restaurant and who have the memory of the know-how passed on by Michel Carrette senior, they like to handle ideas and products; to assemble them and look for the clash of flavours; to finally combine them and create a work of art that is timeless, flavourful and unexpected. With these important words: the pleasure of sharing.
1 min By car
975 m
HĂ´tel & Spa Les Sept Fontaines
A 4-star hotel in the heart of Burgundy, with 39 rooms, a bistro, a spa and a wine cellar. Les Sept Fontaines is a unique property that reflects elegance, authenticity and warmth. When you enter your room, you feel like you are visiting a friend who has lent you the keys to their house. The setting and decoration will tell you a story.
Sept Fontaines
34 min By car
49 km

Day 2

Tournus > Saint-Marcellin
Wine cellar - Vignerons des Terres Secrètes
The Vignerons des Terres Secrètes are the heirs of a cooperative movement organized in the Mâconnais. Our members have been winegrowing for generations, driven to reveal the sublime terroir through a range of great wines. The Vignerons des Terres Secrètes is the only cooperative winery located within the perimeter of the Solutré Pouilly Vergisson Grand Site de France, and has been awarded the Vignerons en Développement Durable label.
38 min By car
41 km
In the footsteps of André Le Nôtre
Come and discover Château de La Chaize, with a guided tour of the grounds and stroll through the gardens to admire the architecture by Jules Hardouin-Mansart (one of the architects of the Château de Versailles), the formal garden and the kitchen garden designed by André Le Nôtre.

Then, as you immerse yourself in the historic winery, the soul of the estate, you'll see its 108m-long vat room and cellar - the longest in Beaujolais.
The tour ends with a commented tasting of three of our finest cuvées.

Please note that this is not a private tour, and other people may join your group, up to a maximum of 10.
On reservation.

This offer is part of the "Carnet de Route des Châteaux en Beaujolais": from the second Château visited, enjoy exclusive advantages and privileges!
 © Serge Chapuis
15 min By car
12 km
Huilerie Beaujolaise
More than just a shop, the Huilerie Beaujolaise boutique is a place where you can discover new things about taste and gastronomy. Here you can taste fruit oils and vinegars and discover a selection of fine products: Italian pasta, Beaujolais honeys, Burgundy spirits, etc.

Huilerie Beaujolaise now offers a range of twelve virgin oils made from dried fruit and oilseeds, as well as two macerated and pressed oils. Twelve fruit vinegars are also produced according to its own recipes. A range of 8 cold-extracted organic virgin oils now completes the range.

Over the years, Jean Marc Montegottero has won the confidence of the greatest chefs in France and abroad, making them ambassadors for his exceptional products.
 © DR
22 min By car
20 km
Winegrower for a day... Winegrower forever... an exploration of the Beaujolais vineyard
Winegrower Jean-Luc invites you to come and explore the Beaujolais vineyard: enjoy the panoramic views, find out about his daily routine and his profession.
The picnic in the middle of the vineyard is prepared by the Auberge de Clochemerle and accompanied by a vintage wine from Delphine, a sommelier's wine cellar.
On the way back, the day comes to a close with a tasting with commentary in Jean-Luc's beautiful vaulted wine cellar.
This experience is organised by three enthusiasts: a winegrower, a chef and a sommelier.
Optional: Overnight stay, lunch or dinner at the Auberge.
 © DR
2 h 06 min By car
185 km
Valence en Gastronomie Festival
Program :

All weekend long:
- Pagodes aux Goûtatou, the region's gastronomic companies will let you taste their most delicious specialities.
- Le labo des Chefs, where you can watch the region's top chefs at work
- Children's market
- Ciné-Goûter at Lux Scène Nationale
- Labo des P'tits chefs, life-size cooking classes for budding gourmets
- Exciting lectures on the Scène des Talents
- Gastronomic book signing at the Mots Ă  la Bouche pagoda

Friday, September 8th:
- The Family Party, pitting two families - one from the Ardèche, the other from the Drôme - against each other in a culinary challenge overseen by two top chefs.
- A magical stroll through the 10 starred gastronomic houses of Drôme-Ardèche.
- La nuit des étoilés, an opportunity to taste delicious gourmet dishes prepared by 10 starred chefs and accompanied by prestigious Côtes du Rhône and Jaillance wines (59€) - Reservation: valenceengastronomiefestival.fr

Saturday, September 9th:
- The festival's nocturne, a free gastronomic evening open to all, with chef demonstrations, live culinary shows and tastings of delicious products in a food court set up especially for the occasion.
- CĂ´tes du RhĂ´ne wine bar, set up for you to discover the finest wines.
- Parcours du vignoble des CĂ´tes du RhĂ´ne, a space dedicated to discovering the talents of the wine industry.

Sunday, September 10th:
- The Closing,
La Belle Noix
Nestled among walnut trees at the foot of the Vercors mountains, Dorothée and Ludovic from La Belle Noix welcome you to their 35-hectare, certified organic walnut farm.
On their two-hundred-year-old farm, Dorothée and Ludovic offer Noix de Grenoble PDO, walnut kernels and walnut wine, as well as a whole range of gourmet walnut products: walnut and walnut-chocolate spreads, walnut cookies, savory walnut-olive spreads, sweet or savory coated walnut kernels, bottled preparation for walnut moelleux... All these products are entirely processed on the farm by our own staff, and are certified organic.
When you come and visit the farm, you'll be able to meet these two passionate farmers, observe the machinery and equipment needed to harvest and dry the nuts, and discover the farm's processing workshop where all the products offered for sale are prepared, and of course, taste them!
And, as the icing on the cake, you can also discover the La Belle Huile mill that SĂ©verine, Ludovic's sister, installed in autumn 2018 to press oil to order! The perfect opportunity to combine two exciting visits on a single site!
10 min By car
7.4 km
Bar, restaurant, karaoke, salle de séminaire ou pour tous vos événements afterworks. Le HYP'Hotel vous accueille tous les jours. Avec également 37 chambres confortable, vivez une expérience dans les seventies pour votre séjour ou le temps d'un café (ou d'un cocktail).

Ambiance festive et décontracté !
 © hyp hotel
1 h 48 min By car
146 km

Day 3

Saint-Marcellin > Nyons
Thursday market in Nyons
You'll find all kinds of produce: olives, wines, apricots, peaches, cherries, vegetables, flowers, handicrafts, clothing...
As a member of the National Federation of french markets, the Nyons market lets you discover the richness of the Baronnies, a territory with a protected label : (AOP - Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée which can be translated as Appellation of Controlled Origin) and the "Site Remarquable du Goût" label.
 © Mairie de Nyons
2 min By car
2.1 km
Domaine Rocheville
Visitors can access the 'rando terroir' trail, free of charge: a 1.5-hour or 2-hour walking tour of our olive groves and our vineyard. (Find out more on www.domainerocheville.com in the section 'your visit').
If you come to visit our estate in the morning from 9.30 am, you can choose the 'Rando apéro' option, which includes a chance to sample our products after the walk. Price: €5 per adult, €3 per child.

There is also a treasure hunt on the estate: with friends or family, unveil the secrets of nature in the estate's exceptional environment. €2 per participant or €5 per family.
 © thomas o'Brien
3 min By car
2.6 km
Musée Archéologie et Histoire de Nyons et des Baronnies
The Museum of Archaeology and History of Nyons and the Baronnies presents objects and reconstructions (life size), vestiges of the civilizations that lived in our region. From ancient prehistory (Middle Paleolithic [-35,000 years BC] to the Middle Ages [13th-15th century], the objects displayed in our showcases will tell you about the lives of our ancestors. The exhibition follows the "red thread": cooking and trade in the Baronnies. The evocation of the "oldest village in Nyons" discovered during excavations in 2001 attests to the presence of a group of Chassean farmers on the banks of the Eygues about 5500 years ago. What did people eat during the Protohistory? You can find out by visiting a fireplace from the Copper Age [Final Neolithic] or a kitchen from the late Bronze Age around 800 BC. The Gallo-Roman vaissellier [an impressive collection of whole vessels] discovered in Dieulefit offers an unusual variety of ceramics used from the 1st to the 4th century AD. A 14th century parchment is the price [estimate] of the magnificent Romanesque bridge at Nyons. Vases called "pégau" found during the excavation of necropolises in Nyons or in the region attest to funeral practices during the Middle Ages. Rare, unique or unusual objects in the showcases are the highlights of our collections, such as this "Swiss knife", a set of flint strips contained in a bone case, or this double sarcophagus from the Roman period.
 © Mege J-Claude
2 min By car
1.0 km
Musée de l'Olivier - Vignolis exhibition area
Thanks to the objects on display, visitors will learn about the centuries-old history and more recent techniques of olive growing in Nyons and the surrounding area, as well as the various uses of PDO Nyons olive oil. From the harvest to the mill, learn about the objects used to contain and store the oil, as well as its many uses, such as lighting with oil lamps. Visitors can also see an authentic 19th-century mill, some ancient presses, tools and various containers. As well as a wide range of objects devoted to the olive tree. This collection is brought to you by the Friends of the Olive Tree Association.

Videos are shown explaining the age-old knowledge of the Baronnies olive tree, with all the ancestral manufacturing methods. In order to link this historic space with the contemporary one, the continuous extraction processes and the modern preparation of table olives are explained in a film about the cooperative.
 © Vignolis
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