Au Roman du Vercors
Au Roman du Vercors
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Au Roman du Vercors


"Gastronomy is the art of using food to create happiness", such is the philosophy of the restaurant Au Roman du Vercors which invites you to share moments of authentic gourmet pleasure.

A la carte: 14.50 to 30 €

Adult menu: 37 to 84 €

Child menu (12 years): 19 €.

"In the heart of a constantly changing environment, I recharge my batteries with my passion: cooking. I express my creativity through an authentic cuisine, centered on the products above all. Far from the "pre-fabricated" cuisine, I bring back the taste of simple and quality ingredients from our local producers, to obtain these dishes with unforgettable flavors.

The restaurant in Beauvoir-en-Royans, Au Roman du Vercors, is our life project, my wife Isabelle and myself. It concretizes our desire to share our passion and the pleasure of tasting, in a friendly place and in our image. The richness of my job and my various professional encounters are a real source of inspiration for me.

The menu of the restaurant, Au Roman du Vercors, will evolve with our culinary discoveries, and with your desires too!

Good products, a perfectly mastered cuisine, a warm welcome and without artifice ... we promise you rich gourmet moments at the restaurant Au roman du Vercors, in all simplicity and friendliness. "

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Au Roman du Vercors
Le Couvent des Carmes 1 ancienne route de Presles 38160 Beauvoir-en Royans, 38160 Beauvoir-en-Royans
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