Discover the still and its eaux-de-vies


An ancestral Burgundian tradition, visit the distillery with the distillers before tasting the liqueurs and charcuterie at the foot of the stills.

Discover the still and its eaux-de-vies

Alambic Bourguignon is an artisanal distillery located in Beaune, capital of the great wines of Burgundy. With its steam and mobile still, Alambic Bourguignon is the last distillery in Burgundy to perpetuate the ancestral tradition of mobile distillers. That is to say, it travels to the village and distills the best of Burgundy at the place of harvest. From our roots in the villages of Burgundy, we have created links with the winegrowers and we are inspired by their work to create terroir eaux-de-vies. After the wine sale (last weekend of November), we start our winter tour of villages to distill the grape marcs and wine lees of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from the most beautiful terroirs of Burgundy. We are among the last to produce the AOC Marc de Bourgogne and Fine de Bourgogne. We also produce genuine winegrower's gins. Discover a distillery rooted in tradition, producing authentic, lively and modern spirits.

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The team distils various eaux-de-vie as well as Brandy, Fines de Bourgogne, Marc de Bourgogne and other spirits.

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Discover the still and its eaux-de-vies
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