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Domaine Christophe Semaska


The Domaine Christophe Semaska is near the Château de Montlys, at the foot of a terraced hillside. producing 8 hectares of Côte-Rôtie wines, as well as Condrieu, St Joseph, Coteaux de Vienne and other Rhone Valley wines.

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This estate was created by Christophe SEMASKA who was not necessarily destined for a future as a winegrower. He was driven by his passion for great wines and his love of the land, which is reflected today in his high-quality wines.

Christophe SEMASKA has always been very attentive to his customers' needs in order to ensure their satisfaction. The estate has been using an integrated farming approach for a while now, but has decided to take this a step further and convert to organic farming practices.

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Domaine Christophe Semaska
52 Rue de Montlys Verenay, 69420 Ampuis
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