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Domaine Piallat - Wine


Come and discover our Red, White and Rosé Côtes du Rhône vintages.
Taste our Olive Oil Variety La Tanche, Soft & Fruity;
The Truffle, Truffle Hunting and tasting from November to March.
Lavender oil, discover of its scent ant its properties.

Red Côtes du Rhône : from 8.90€ to 13.90€.
Côtes du Rhône rosé : 8€.
White Côtes du Rhône : 9.90€.

'Domaine Piallat, its not the completion of a whole lineage, but a family homage. myFrom my great granparent's humble farm, I wanted to do only one generation what my forebears couldn't realize by their own.

On the eve of my majority, I leapt into this adventure, an adventure concretised some years later, in 2003 with my wife Laure.

If you know the goose that lays the golden eggs' tale, you'll know soon this land which tells a real myth about 'dark diamonds' growing at the roots of trees. It is the truffle that inspired me my wine's names in my ancestor's mother tongue, latin for our first two red wines, Melano and Aestivum, but also in the language of my childhoold, provençal, for our prestigious vintage Rabasse.

It is on this grounds, fitting its filling and plateau's reliefs, that I stand alongside such unique and diverse vineyards andI work this land in harmon with nature-a nature which keeps wild while letting itself be tamed.

I fulfilled the dream of générations who got caught up in the hectic pace of time. My only wish is to inspire through this achievement the respect that I give and receive from nature. I would desire that it keeps sharing with generosity, as we like to do in my home region.

Warmly, this is how we welcome each person who wants to discover our little stetch OF history and prosperous wealth.

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Domaine Piallat - Wine
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