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Laure Piallat
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Domaine Piallat - Wine


Come and discover our red, white and rosé Côtes du Rhône vintage wines. Sample our sweet & fruity La Tanche Olive Oil. The Truffle, cavage (truffle hunting) and tastings from mid-November to mid-March.

Red Côtes du Rhône : from 8.90€ to 13.90€. Côtes du Rhône rosé : 8€. White Côtes du Rhône : 9.90€.

"The Domaine Piallat is not simply an estate run by generations of ancestors, it is a tribute to this family. It all started with a small farm owned by my great-grandparents, and in one generation, I wanted to achieve what my ancestors hadn't been able to do.
I threw myself into this adventure just before my 18th birthday, and all my efforts started to pay off a few years later, working in partnership with my wife Laure, in 2003.

If you know the story of the 'Goose that laid the golden eggs', you will find similarities in the real-life story about 'black diamonds' growing in the roots of the trees. It was the truffle that inspired the names of our first two red wines, Mélano and Aestivum, in Latin, the language of my ancestors, and then the language of my childhood, a dialect of Provence, served as inspiration for our prestigious vintage wine, Rabasse.

I grow diverse and unique grape varieties in this terroir alternating hills and plateaus and I make sure to respect the unspoilt surrounding natural environment as I work.
I managed to turn this dream into reality, a dream of several generations for whom time had run out. My only wish is that this achievement reflects the respect I have for and receive from nature, and that this exchange can continue for years to come, thanks to this bountiful natural environment of my childhood region.
We give a warm welcome to everyone who comes to explore our historic land, and we are always delighted to showcase the treasures that this land has allowed us to harness and produce fantastic products with."

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Domaine Piallat - Wine
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