Domaine Rémy Nodin - La Beylesse
Domaine Remy Nodin
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Domaine Rémy Nodin - La Beylesse


Producer of AOC Saint-Péray, PGI Ardèche, AOC Crozes-Hermitage, AOC Saint-Joseph and AOC Cornas.

PriceFree entry.

The Domaine de la Beylesse was founded in the 12th century and is a sturdy and noble, fortified farmhouse. Today, Rémy Nodin is keeping the ancient winegrowing heritage alive on the oldest Saint-Péray estate.
Visitors are welcome to come and visit our wine cellar and learn all about the estate's wines. 4 different appellations are produced here, in red, white and sparkling white varieties. Come and taste the vintage wines of the northern Rhône Valley.

* AOC Saint-Péray (white and sparkling white)
* AOC Cornas (red)
* AOC Crozes-Hermitage (red)
* AOC Saint-Joseph (red).

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Domaine Rémy Nodin - La Beylesse
1 avenue du 8 mai La Beylesse, 07130 Saint-Péray
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