Ferme du Brégalon
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Ferme du Brégalon


Our farm is open to the public, so you can discover our work and our animals. You can also buy our farm products: cheese, yoghurt, goat's milk ice cream, wine and goat's milk soaps.

2.5 km from Rognes, you'll find a farm like no other, expertly run by Hugues Christine and Anaïs GIRARD .
They invite you to discover and share their world and its riches. You can also buy and taste farmhouse cheeses made from raw goat's milk using traditional methods, as well as other farm products.
Every year, on the first Sunday in April, the "Les Cabrettes" association organizes a goat festival in our village. Goat discoveries, cheese tasting and sales, free entertainment for all... are all on the agenda.

Ferme du Brégalon

Visit and immersion in a goat farm with the "Bienvenue à la Ferme" and "Vignobles & Découvertes" labels, among others. The farmers are proud to welcome all types of public by displaying the labels of accessibility: Tourisme et Handicap, France Alzheimer and also being listed in guides such as the Petit Futé or the Guide du Routard, guaranteeing their quality. During his visit, the visitor will discover the profession of goat cheese maker: feeding, breeding and care of animals, milking, and cheese making step by step, all this in an educational and playful way, with real enthusiasts. The visitor will have the opportunity to reproduce the cheese maker's gesture at different stages of the milk’s maturation, to try milking, and taste the farm's products. The offer focuses on an emblematic goat's milk product: faisselle. The visitor will participate in various key stages of the product's creation process:- Goat milking workshop - Moulding workshop of faisselle from fresh curds (the visitor will leave with his production) - Turning workshop of the product from the previous day's mouldings (a more technical stage, the visitor can reproduce this work at home with his production) - Tasting of a finished faisselle, among other types of cheese - Tasting of the homemade product on site.

Préparation du fromage
Crédit : Cherrystone
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PriceFree entry.
opening dateUntil 22/06/2024
HoursFrom 01/02 to 30/11 Opening hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday between 3 pm and 6 pm. On Saturday between 3 pm and 7 pm.

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Ferme du Brégalon
Mas du Brégalon Chemin Du Gour, 13840 Rognes
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