Pere Blaize
Pere Blaize

Herboristerie du Père Blaize (herbalist's shop)


A family tradition, passed down from father to son, to great-granddaughter. This herbalist's shop bears the Living Heritage Company (EPV) label.


The Blaize family's story began in the Ecrins Valley, in the Hautes-Alpes. At the beginning of the 19th century, Toussaint Blaize, a pioneer, grew up surrounded by a wide variety of medicinal plants. He learnt how to use them, and how to treat his loved ones, and his neighbours with them. The village soon became aware of his talent and called upon his services. His reputation as a healer even extended well beyond the local area. This became his career and he decided to settle in Marseille, close to La Canebière. Père Blaize concocted new recipes and his name became a reference. In 1845, François took over the reins. Then followed Pauline and her husband, Joseph Bonnabel, then Paul, the first in the family to become a qualified pharmacist, and finally, Maxence, Martine's father.
This passion became a family tradition. We stock the entire range of medicinal plants, aromatic plants, exotic plants, spices, plant powders, plant extracts (liquid extracts - sprays, tinctures), 100% pure essential oils, vegetable oils, dietary supplements, and 'Jardin de Blaize' natural cosmetics. We also make our own pharmaceutical preparations for herbal medicine, aromatherapy, homeotherapy and allopathy.

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Discovery of herboristerie du Père Blaize (Father Blaize's herbalist shop)

An institution in Marseille: We offer: all medicinal plants, aromatic plants, exotic plants, spices, plant powders, plant extracts (fluid extracts - nebulisates - mother tinctures), 100% pure essential oils, vegetable oils, dietetic products, natural cosmetics from the "jardin de Blaize". We make all types of herbal, aromatherapy, homoeopathic and allopathic preparations.

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Herboristerie du Père Blaize (herbalist's shop)
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