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Maison Lameloise


Traditional family cuisine

Maison Lameloise

Éric Pras, Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2004, offers inventive cuisine in keeping with the Lameloise heritage. A family atmosphere in this beautiful Burgundy house with charming little rooms. The soul of the house would not be complete without the attentive staff, a close-knit team committed to the Lameloise spirit, still witnessing and relaying the hospitality that has survived from generation to generation. The produce, the seasons and the chef's creativity are the lifeblood of a menu that is constantly updated. For prices of the menu, please contact the restaurant directly.

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An ode to Burgundian gastronomy for over a century

The kitchen at the Maison Lameloise is run by Eric Pras who has worked alongside some of the greats, from the Troisgros brothers to Paul Bocuse, and the talented Bernard Loiseau. Today, he is continuing the legacy of this family-run establishment, founded in 1921. Burgundian tradition is passed on through the heart-warming dishes, from the starters to dessert, for an exceptional meal guaranteed.

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Maison Lameloise
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